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Dairy GOAT Producers:   Does are your future!  And today's breeding  decisions are the lifeblood of your operation.  Why leave the sex of the next generation to chance?  DOEPLUS is your most valuable breeding tool in selecting this next seasons kids.  DOEPLUS works with any semen from any buck.

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Porcine semen sexing agent - FEMALE

Do you need more gilts?  Our newest product for swine breeding will help meet that goal.  PigPLUSTM contains everything needed to predetermine the sex from any boar.   Just mix with semen and inseminate.  It is that easy.  The results will be at least one extra gilt per bred sow.                                 

PigPLUSTM  "Your best bet yet!"

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Gender Selection Agent :  Female

This new product can be used to sex a single dose of frozen stallion semen at the time of insemination.  This unique agent will boost the % of female foal and semen fertility.

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Bovine semen sexing agent - MALE

COW-CALF PRODUCERS Beef production and returns from steer calves can be 15-20% in excess of that of a heifer calf.  Feeder calf producers will want to take a look at incorporatinggender selection and BULLPLUSinto their AI program.  For a few cents on the dollar you can increase gross receipts up to 25%!

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Bovine semen sexing agent - FEMALE

Dairy  Producers:   Heifers are your future!  And breeding  decisions are the lifeblood of your operation.  Why leave the sex of the calf  to chance?  HEIFERPLUS can be your most valuable breeding tool in selecting the next generation of heifers.   HEIFERPLUS works with any semen from any bull. 

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Sono-Grader Model 2

Sono-Grader® Model 2

SONO-GRADER... Now Have Total Swine Management Record Keeping Control!

Now...The power of productivity fits in your hand. The SONO-GRADER is a programmable hand held computer operated A-mode ultrasound tester.   It measures both total depth of backfat and loin muscle, and can also detect pregnancy in swine, sheep, goats, and certain other mammals.

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Lean-Meter Series 12

Renco Lean-Meater®  SERIES 12
“Ultrasound for Ultra Profits”®

The Lean-Meater Series 12 is a microprocessor controlled A-Mode ultrasonic instrument. It is designed to measure the total thickness of the skin and up to three layers of back fat. When the measurement is complete, the instrument will display the number of fat layers detected and the total thickness in millimeters with a greater accuracy than ever before.

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Preg-Tone II Plus

Preg-Tone II Plus®

Designed Specifically for Swine

Detect Pregnancy Quickly... Accurately... Efficiently!

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Preg Tone


Announcing The New Series 6

New Feature: User can now select the animal to be tested.

No lights to watch! No buttons to push!

A fast, safe and accurate ultrasonic pregnancy detector for swine, sheep, alpacas, meat & dairy goats, pygmy goats, llamas, large rabbits, foxes, and numerous other mammals over 8 lbs.

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Preg-Alert Pro

Preg-Alert Pro®

Determine Pregnancy and Backfat and Loin Thickness the Easy Way

Provides an analog type display in a digital environment. The digitally enhanced analog display provides a clean, easy to read presentation that can be held on the screen for as long as the user desires.

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