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Phoenix monocular goggle

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Phoenix is the sleek solution for your ultrasound viewing device. This lightweight Phoenix monocular goggle is ideal in conjunction with Easi-Scan.

  • Right or left eye capability
  • OLED technology
  • Transitional military grade goggles

Phoenix monocular goggle is the sleek solution for your ultrasound goggle. This lightweight monocular is ideal in conjunction with Easi-Scan. The Phoenix goggle can be custom made for either your right or left eye, based on your preference.

Designed with transitional military grade goggles, Phoenix is optimum both inside and outside. Be protected while inside from any elements that may fly your way. Continue scanning outside as the lens transitions from protective eyewear inside, to shaded sunglasses outside. This provides you an ideal, crisp ultrasound image, even while working under the bright sun.

Phoenix monocular goggle has been created with OLED technology. OLED technology provides you with the largest and highest quality image and features glare guard protection.

We understand the harsh environments our customers withstand. Whether that may be extreme heat or frigid cold temperatures, there is no need to compromise your comfort. This lightweight and durable monocular ultrasound goggle makes it easy to wear your favorite hat while working.

Phoenix also comes prescription ready. A prescription carrier is included with purchase and is fitted to work with the monocular ultrasound goggle.

The Phoenix monocular goggle is part of the Easi-Scan family, and can be used with our ultrasounds, including Easi-Scan 3 and 4, Easi-Scan Micro-convex and Easi-Scan Curve.