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Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine

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Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine - see it all with a 170° view in a small all-in-one veterinary ultrasound machine.

Ovi-Scan provides a fast and accurate sheep pregnancy detection method. 

• Small and compact sheep ultrasound with high quality screen
• Unique 170° view allowing a larger and deeper view
• Multiple frequency settings allowing visibility 12.5 inches deep
• Customizable veterinary ultrasound with several viewing, probe, and battery options

Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine combines the Duo-Scan ultrasound and a monitor console to give you a small, compact, all-in-one ultrasound system. Ovi-Scan is the ideal veterinary ultrasound machine for small ruminants. You will succeed in the messiest farm conditions with this reliable and durable machine.

Choose between two mechanical sector probes. The axial probe is used abdominally, ideal for sheep, goat, and pig pregnancy detection. For extremely fast beef cattle pregnancy detection the radial probe is typically used.

Ovi-Scan offers a unique 170° view allowing a larger and deeper view. With multiple frequency settings Ovi-Scan ultrasound machine allows you to see 12.5 inches deep. The on-screen fetal aging rings allows fast and accurate age determination to determine lambing dates.