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Easi-Scan linear

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Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine - use for a faster more accurate diagnoses than other pregnancy detection methods.

Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine makes your pregnancy diagnosis more precise than other detection methods. It is an easier way to determine best time for insemination, early/late pregnancy and fetal sexing. We designed Easi-Scan to be durable, comfortable, and easy to use during a long day scanning on the dairy or beef farm.

• Comfortable and easy vet ultrasound machine
• Accurate and fast cow pregnancy test
• Designed to be durable for everyday wear and tear on the farm

Easi-Scan ultrasound machine provides the best ultrasound image quality of its range available on the veterinary ultrasound market. Superb image quality is achieved due to 128 element probe and fast frame rate; 40 frames per second. With faster frame rates you can move your probe quickly without pesky image lag.

We designed Easi-Scan to be tough and reliable to meet the tough conditions you work in. Easi-Scan probe is permanently attached to the ultrasound machine to keep dirt and water out, protecting electronics and probe pins.

Sitting comfortably on your hip with a weight of only 4 lbs; this lightweight bovine ultrasound machine goes anywhere you go. Eliminate shoulder and hand strain even further by using our arms free introducer.

Long battery life is vital when scanning a big herd. Easi-Scan’s external battery with auto standby mode allows you to scan up to 7 hours with one battery. Easi-Scan, as the name suggests, is easy to use. With only 4 buttons and 4 modes. Scanning kept simple, helping you do your job faster.