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About Us

Company Profile


PT. Pesona Scientific was established since 1995 with the efforts field scientific, diagnostics, medical equipment, agriculture, veterinary equipment and health management consultant.

Vision & Mission

Become notable company and looked into in Indonesia capable to fulfill expectation and requirement of consumer and industry by proactive through service which is professional.

Mission :

  1. Giving certifiable service but remain to be reached by consumer.
  2. Innovate-service innovation for the satisfaction of consumer – Keeping abreast of technology for the implementation of application and to society and consumer.
  3. Care to consumer goals as consumer of goods/service and to factory/ agent creating/making goods/technological – As partner in all condition.

Motto " We care your target”

Care to goals/target/target of industry and consumer/ agent. With is same work for to reach goals/target/target of by becoming good partner in all condition.